Give Shine. Get Joy.

Research suggests we can elevate our own levels of happiness simply by giving to others. Sharing Shine is a conscious act of kindness that has a ripple effect on everyone you meet—and it will brighten your world, too. If you’re interested in donating to House of Shine, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, we thank you. Here are a few exciting ways we can put your generosity to use.

Levels of Donation

Monetary Giving

Any donated funds we receive go toward running our self-discovery museum and programs. A recent, generous donation has allowed us to currently provide free admission. Donate now to allow us to continue to spread shine and provide admission free of charge.

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Shine Sponsorship

Help fund House of Shine events and initiatives like Rise and Shine, our monthly workshop series, and Peace Love Shine, our February Shine event showcasing local women who Shine, by becoming an event sponsor.
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In-Kind Giving

Contributions like coffee for Rise and Shine workshops, craft supplies for volunteers, or books for storytime help to make our Grapevine events possible. Contact us to contribute, or view our Amazon Charity List.

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“I give to House of Shine because of what they have given to me. House of Shine has shown me how to identify the best in myself, which has helped me to live my life with passion and purpose. Knowing my strengths, talents and interests has allowed me to let go of the rest and develop focus on what I do best! Giving back to this organization allows young people, like my daughter and her Girl Scout troop, to discover their best selves and build a life using what they’ve learned.”

Andrea Sims