Shelle Womack

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant/Accountant at House of Shine, Shelle Womack is responsible for helping all staff members SHINE as bright as they can. That could mean performing such tasks as planning and arranging meetings, mailing important Shine packages, helping Rise & Shine meetings run smoothly, doing payroll for the week, paying bills and keeping track of donations.

Shelle’s top five strengths are Responsibility, Developer, Woo, Positivity and Belief. Investing in others brings out the Developer, Winning Others Over and Positivity in her. She is generous with praise, quick to smile and is always on the lookout for the positive, in any situation.

After spending 28 years in the aerospace industry, Shelle is ready to do something completely different and meaningful. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Master of Business Administration in Aviation from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

When she is not working, Shelle loves to spend time with her daughter and grandson. She has been a member of Gateway Church since 2003, and has served in many ministries. She has also served as a volunteer with Athletes in Action. She loves music, reading, and football. Her favorite NFL Team is the Philadelphia Eagles, and her favorite player is #9, Nick Foles (Superbowl MVP).

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