Katie Kolkmeier

Director of Curriculum

As Director of Curriculum for House of Shine, Katie oversees all aspects of the program department and assists in writing and presenting. Before joining House of Shine, she spent six years working professionally in a university setting, specializing in Housing and Residence Life. As a former Resident Assistant and Hall Director, she has deep experience utilizing technology and social media to develop community. Katie is very conscientious, with an eye for details; and she excels in writing curriculum and delivering staff trainings.

Katie left her position at a major university to join House of Shine because she is a product of the message it shares. While Katie was in college, Claudia helped her discover her unique contribution, or SHINE. The experience transformed her professional and personal life in many ways. As a result, she saw no better way to use her SHINE than to pay it forward and share the message with others.

As a talented professional with a career in higher education, it’s no surprise that Katie’s top strength is Learner. She constantly seeks opportunities to learn from others, and from her own experience. Katie is passionate about education, and believes that knowledge and access to knowledge is power. One goal of her work with the House of Shine is to help create a world where children and women are empowered to know who they are, and how to use their unique contributions to live a fulfilling life. She also hopes to make a difference with college-age females and young professionals. Due to her work on college campuses, she is aware of the challenges and opportunities college students encounter.

Before joining House of Shine, Katie worked as an Assistant Director for Recruitment and Training at Florida State University, where she supervised Residence Coordinators, served on the leadership team for the department, and managed recruitment and training efforts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Bellarmine University, and a Master of Education degree in College Student Personnel Administration from James Madison University.

When she’s not helping others discover their strengths, Katie enjoys traveling, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with her nephews, Mason and Nolan, who reminds her how simple life can be. She looks forward to helping women and children discover their strengths, engage with their communities, and make positive contributions to the world, through her work with the House of Shine.

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