One Word A Week That Gives You Purpose

What is DO52?

DO52 is a simple yet powerful motivational toolkit designed to challenge you to open yourself up to new ideas, and the inspiration to be your best self. Inside your kit, you’ll find 52 sticks, each stamped with a different action verb. Close your eyes, shake them up, and ceremoniously select one stick each week. Then, welcome the verb into your life, looking for opportunities to do whatever the word proposes. For example, “test” might remind you to make a doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off. “Refuse” might motivate you to say “no” to a request you don’t have time for. Or, you could drop the “f” and fill a bag with clothing, for others to “reuse.” Apply your verb in whatever way feels right. DO52 should stretch you, surprise you, and expose you to new experiences.

Why should I try DO52?

Life is busy, and the din of other people’s requests and expectations can create so much noise that you lose the ability to hear your own inner voice. DO52 wants to fix that. It works like a megaphone, amplifying messages from your heart to the voice inside your head. It may snap you out of a funk, inspire a new idea, or draw your attention to something you might not have otherwise noticed. Participants in the project have been inspired to explore creative ideas, re-think how they use their time, and strengthen relationships with friends and family. But what you choose to do is up to you.

How do I know I’m taking the right action?

If an idea immediately comes to mind when you draw your weekly verb, pay attention. That is your heart prompting your head to do something that is either long overdue or central to your happiness. If nothing comes to mind, resist the urge to simply “check the box” by acting right away. Instead, invite the verb into your week and watch all the ways it suddenly appears in a book, on billboard, or in conversation happening around you. Listen to what your weekly verb is telling you and, we promise, it will guide you toward a better and brighter life.

Join the DO52 Community.

When you receive your toolkit, you’ll also get an invitation to join the DO52 Facebook group, filled with like-minded people who are already doing more each week to live more consciously. Log in to share your experience with DO52. See you there!

Get inspired with DO52.

DO52 is a fast, fun, easy, and effective way to live consciously throughout the year. To purchase your own set or one for a friend, teacher, or anyone who could use a little more SHINE in their lives, click below.