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You Know the Future is Bright When You Hear from High School Senior Sarah Abamovitz


What starts out as a podcast about winning the 2022 National Chinese Speech Contest as a junior in high school (and competing against 550 other students from 37 states to earn the top spot); turns into a discussion about hard work, resilience, doing what you derive enjoyment from and are interested in. Sarah’s old-soul wisdom will not allow others’ flattery of her success with the Chinese language put her in a box. She knows herself and recognizes her enjoyment actually comes from “cracking the code.” Listen as you hear Claudia’s awe when she realizes that this high school senior is not only a Chinese-speaking champion, but she also knows who she is and can articulate it. Gather every high school student you know. Sarah’s journey of exploration, hard work, and self-reflection will be an inspiration. 

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