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What do you get when you combine pickleball, powerhouses, and leadership? Community of course!


Our first episode back after a short hiatus of What’s Your Shine? The Happy Podcast is fittingly about a community member (in this case, Tim Wright) who took what he knew about his talents (restorative, positivity), his interests (playing pickleball), and a need in the community (an organization to unite local pickleball players) and ultimately created TWO communities. Learn why Southlake Paddle Club was created based on the acronym ACES and how Dr. Shine thinks it is an example of the anatomy of a thriving community. Also don’t miss the discussion about the first annual Pickleball Tournament fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 4th where Chicken N Pickle – Grapevine and Southlake Paddle Club come together to raise money for House of Shine.

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