Happy Friday House of Shine! Cheryl here.

Today's project isn't anything new but maybe you'll agree with me that it has a fun twist that shines. Before we jump in let me tell you how this all got started.

One day last year JB came home with a stack of the origami folded fortune tellers. I noticed more and more that he was folding paper to make something. He told me once. "Mom, I don't know what I'm doing. I just start folding and something appears." I like your sense of imagination son. He's a child after my own heart with a love of art and it's my job to foster that creativity in him, right?

Well, I thought he needed to be introduced to the art of Origami so I went online and found Origami Corner. It's a paper lovers dream world and I am a paper lover. So what does origami have to do with today's project? Nothing, but I found this double-sided paper. It's so pretty. So, while I was ordering origami for him, I ordered some paper for me not really knowing what I was going to do with it. I mean what do I need origami paper for?

How about a paper chain banner? Stay with me.

I suppose you could use any paper to make a paper chain but this paper is special because the double side color creates a pop that I really like. Don't you agree? Here's what I did:

I bought this paper. I bought a lot of it because I'm a freak and I don't want to run out in the middle of a project. There are 36 sheets in a pack. Each sheet makes 4 strips. One pack will make a chain of 144 links. How many feet of chain does that make?

Here is a photo of the paper folded over. Pink on one side, blue on the other.

You will need some type of paper cutter. Slice the beautiful paper into equal strips.

Ah, pretty.

Create a little assembly line. I put several strips of tape on the edge of the table and started folding and taping. Now, don't stress out about the tape showing. Take a deep breath. It's okay. Trust me.

Here's your chain. Look at all those pretty colors!

At this point if you have one of those Cuddle Bug cutters you could create hanging letters from that or go to the craft store and purchase letters but I don't have a Cuddle Bug and I didn't make it to Hobby Lobby so I went the manual route. I created the letters on the computer in Publisher (You could use Word or other publishing software). My letters are about six inches tall. I printed them, cut them out, glued them to poster board, was making it a lot harder than it needed to be, found some card stock in my paper hoards, said AHA, glued the poster board letters to the cardstock and VOILA! I have letters. WHEW!

Sorry there are no photos for that whole process but I truly was making it more difficult than it needed to be and it just evolved with not photos. Here are my letters before they were glued to poster board.

Since my letters weren't exactly the same colors of my paper chain I wanted to use some of the origami paper to decorate the letters to make them match more. Here's Drew punching out little stars for me. Thank you, my little helper.

I glued the stars to the letters. It was goopy and messy but the extra glue just rubs off when dry.

Then I laid the chain out on the floor and spaced the letters out to see if my chain was long enough. My chain was a little short but go ahead and string the letters because you can always add to the ends chain later.

Punch a hole in the top of your letter. String it with some ribbon and tie it to the paper chain. I tied the string around the side of the chain that would be next to the wall so the weight will be next to the wall. Make sense?

Tie them all on, stretch it all out and what do you have?

A very cute banner for any occassion. I chose "Congratulations" as graduation season is upon us but any occassion would be just a fun. Wouldn't your childs name be cute hanging under this colorful chain? And it's so easy! Remember when I said don't worry about the tape showing? When you get it hung on the wall, just go through and turn the tape side to the back on the links that need it. It's not as many as you think and it's easy to do.

Cute or crazy? You decide.

Want to have a little contest? I have a pack of Origami Paper to the person who guesses the closest to how many links I used AND how many feet my chain is. All guesses must be made by 8pm CST on Sunday, May 23rd. The winner will be announced in the forum section on Monday morning.

Shining off until tomorrow...