Whether you’re leading a Girl Scout troop, organizing an after-school program, or coordinating a summer camp, our co-curricular programs offer creative approaches to teaching shine concepts outside of a formal classroom. These programs were created with the belief that each of us, even our youngest of students, possess a contribution waiting to be made in the world around them. Through House of Shine programming, students can unearth this contribution and begin making an impact in big and small ways in our world by leveraging their strengths, talents, and gifts.


Shineworks is a service-learning program based on the concept of using one object, once a month to spread shine. Each month, we promote a project idea centered on an ordinary household object. Working in groups, participants turn an ordinary household item into an extraordinary way of delivering acts of kindness to deserving people in their corners of the world. The program is distinctive in three ways: (1) Leadership development is the primary content around the instruction and reflection, (2) the school community is the object of the students’ service project, and (3) while service to community comes in many forms, participants of Shineworks are specifically learning the importance and value of encouraging others.


Research shows that we are not happy because we are successful, but instead, we are successful because we are happy. In pursuit of happiness for our next generation, Teen Journaling workshops were developed with the purpose of using journaling to gain a more positive perspective on life by developing an awareness of events, memories and feelings. In these workshops, journaling is introduced as a form of personal expression that can take many forms – Writing, Drawing, Collages, Sketches, Pictures, Painting –  and help teens live a life that shines.


There is no telling where life will take us when we possess two things: TRUST in the idea that each of us was designed to make a unique contribution and the COURAGE to follow the paths we find most fulfilling. That is what it means to live a life of SHINE and that is why we think Serentripity experience could be a fun and creative way of engaging students in this conversation. The journey serves as an allegory for the choices we are presented with in life and the fulfilling story we can write for ourselves when we focus on cultivating and sharing our SHINE.

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