Rise & Shine: Wisdom of Owls

Inspiration for this Rise and Shine session came from owls, because as a species they are notoriously quiet. Their big eyes, heads that twist, and special wing feathers allow them to hunt prey without being heard or anticipated. In a sense, it is the noise they don’t make that is most responsible for their power and success.

The same can be true for women. The noise we don’t make might lead to some of our greatest successes. That’s because, as women, the noise most threatening to our success is the unrelenting chatter of our inner critic – the judgmental voice camping out in our head and using a megaphone to broadcast all the ways we fall short. If we can learn to silence that voice then we can confidently speak up in ways that are even wiser and more powerful.

To be clear, the goal of this session is not to achieve silence. Instead it is the orchestrated sound of each of you meeting your inner mentor for the first time. Watch the video below and download the accompanying workbook to complete the exercises shared in the video.

Katie Kolkmeier

Director of Curriculum

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