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On June 21, House of Shine was named the 2018 Civic Group of the Year by the Southlake Chamber of Commerce for work with women and children throughout the North Texas area. Recognition of this award and other award winners, including Volunteer of the Year by House of Shine Advisory Board member MaryLee Alford, was recently published by Southlake Style magazine.

Read below for an excerpt from the award nomination for House of Shine as Civic Group of the Year:

House of Shine is a 501(c)3 organization based in Westlake, Texas that serves women and children throughout the Northeast Tarrant county area. House of Shine believes that each of us is born uniquely wired to make a contribution and that we must spend our lifetime understanding who we are and what that contribution can look like. In order to help women and children discover their contribution, the House of Shine hosts programs in schools, community centers, and corporations throughout our area.

In the last year, House of Shine has served 12,137 people through 107 workshops and programs. These programs include monthly Rise & Shine workshops for women, classroom visits to nine local schools, StrengthsFinder training sessions for educators and community-based organizations, mother-daughter events, and journaling workshops for teen girls. In hosting these events and serving these groups of women and children, House of Shine leveraged 415 local volunteers in 2,270 hours of community service.

House of Shine programs for young people are designed to build resilience and self-efficacy by explicitly raising students’ awareness of self using the word SHINE as an acronym (Strengths, Hobbies, Interests and Irritants, Needs, and Life Experiences). This message is delivered through formal classroom-based curriculum, school assemblies, after school programs, journaling workshops, and service opportunities.

House of Shine programs for women are designed to build the self-awareness needed for increased self-confidence which leads to high levels of engagement in the community. Women are encouraged to discover the self-knowledge needed to identify their talents and interests and then use them to fill the needs of the community around them – the point of intersection where House of Shine believes their greatest contribution can be found. This message is delivered through monthly Rise & Shine workshops, strengths sessions for community organizations such as National Charity League, and volunteer opportunities at House of Shine.

Katie Kolkmeier

Director of Curriculum

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