Discover Who You Are and Why It Matters

What is Shine?

Imagine a world focused more on what is right than what is wrong, on what we have than what we don’t, and on what is good than what is bad. Where young people show up to school eager to learn because their education is linked to their passions. Where parents worry less about engineering achievements for their kids and more about letting boredom organically evolve into exploration. Where leaders imagine every room they enter as a vault of resources and see their job as choreographing employees’ diverse talents. Where careers don’t feel like obligations, but opportunities. Where community service is a given as members enthusiastically lend their unique skills to meeting their neighbors’ needs. And it all begins with you.

Everyone has a unique combination of strengths, hobbies, interests, needs, and experiences—your Shine. It is the light you bring to the world. This book will help you find yours.

It all begins with a conversation between you and you to discover the answer to two big questions that most of us grapple with throughout life: Who am I? and Why does it matter who I am?

The Shine Method is a simple, straightforward guide to self-discovery. When you are quiet and when you know what you are listening for, living a happy and fulfilling life does not have to be complicated. It might require some work. It might require courage. But it does not have to be complicated.

Prepare for a life of greater happiness, fulfillment, success, and satisfaction. A life where you are tuned in to your strengths and passions, and where you know how to apply your unique gifts to help make the world a better place. Prepare to Shine!

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About the Author

Dr. Claudia K. Beeny has spent more than thirty years working in education, igniting the energy and passion of others. After a successful career in higher education, Claudia left her role to start House of Shine, a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to help students discover who they are and why their self-awareness matters. Claudia and her non-profit team write K-12 curriculum, develop teaching tools, facilitate school assemblies and leadership experiences, and provide custom workshops for all ages.


When you purchase a copy of What’s Your Shine? profits from every copy sold go toward supporting student programming and outreach through the House of Shine.

What Readers Are Saying

Blueprint for Finding and Being Your Best Self

With all the pressures to do and be everything for everyone, this book is a breath of fresh air. Dr. Beeny uses herself, her family, and her friends to guide through a journey of self discovery. I found this book to be incredibly practical and enlightening. She challenges the reader to move with her by answering critical questions to help guide the reader’s path. I can’t imagine a better template for a “self help” book. I sure felt helped — but more than that — inspired and strengthened. It’s an easy read that is worth every minute. The world would be a better place if we all learned to SHINE.


Self Awareness and Discovery is Everything

When I was referred to read this book, I was already excited to hear from where it all started. I've had ups and downs figuring out who I am or want to be and the introduction brought satisfaction because it was as if they were speaking to me personally. I grew up shadowing others and didn't create a voice for myself. Her words described how much I have worked constantly and tried to please everyone and everything around me. I have not been truly happy enough and didn't know where to start. Once I finished the book, each of the chapters allowed me to open up my feelings which seemed to have bottled up for years. I truly want to put myself first in a healthy and most creative way. Shine has helped me realize things don't happen overnight and that my patience to get what or where I want, I just have to trust the timing and the outcome. Self awareness and discovery is everything.


Your Inner Self and What REALLY Makes YOU Happy

I thoroughly enjoyed this ALL inspiring book. I always thought that work is work and as long as I made decent money I’d be happy. What Claudia focuses on In this book is your inner self and what REALLY makes you happy. I wish I had this book long ago. But the good news is .... it’s never too late to discover your shine and to be the best you can. Thanks Claudia for inspiring me and giving me more spring in my step! After reading this book be prepared to harness real change in your life focusing on that inner peace that eludes so many of us.


House of Shine: Where Leaders Come to Grow

House of Shine will open a physical space in Grapevine, Texas on August 29, 2020 – a magical experience of self-discovery for students and all visitors alike. Think part museum, part workshop/field trip space, part community gathering spot … all rolled into one.


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