Maureen Ramirez

Creative Director

As Creative Director for House of Shine, Maureen Ramirez designs and creates marketing materials, and helps the organization spread its message of Shine. She brings 20 years of experience to House of Shine, and excels in graphic design, copywriting, and multi-tasking.

Maureen joined the House of Shine team after meeting Claudia and witnessing her determination and drive to make a difference, in one corner of the world at a time. She believes it’s important to ensure women and children know their contributions matter, and she encourages them to make the most of every day and be their best.

Originally from Springfield, Illinois, Maureen was the youngest girl of nine children, which may explain why her top strength is adaptability — and why she feels a strong connection to family. Maureen’s key strengths, Adaptability, Arranger, Includer, Empathy, and Developer, are each essential to her role at House of Shine. She assists Claudia in arranging events and curriculum, adapting to change quickly and making sure to include all members of the team. Her empathy enables her to understand where others are coming from — and, of course, as a developer, she has an inherent talent for helping people discover their strengths and reach their potential.

Before joining House of Shine, Maureen performed marketing, public relations, advertising and direct mail work for a variety of organizations, and volunteered at the YWCA, her church, her children's schools, and her neighborhood. Her motto is, “If everyone just gave a little, think how much could be accomplished.” She holds a degree in Journalism with an Advertising concentration, and a minor in Marketing/English from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.

When she’s not inspiring others at House of Shine, Maureen enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. She is proud of how far House of Shine has come since she first joined the team, and looks forward to reinforcing the mission and reaching more and more women and children.

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