Kelly Ivancic Lazalier

Program Coordinator

As the Program Coordinator, Kelly organizes and manages all programs, workshops, and events offered through House of Shine. Kelly enjoys the variety in daily tasks and ability to partner with different individuals and groups that this position affords her. Kelly is grateful to be apart of such a collaborative, passionate, and talented team to spread the message of SHINE. Kelly couples creative and strategic thinking to balance efficiency in process with attention to detail.
Kelly graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in Education and has taken additional Co-Active Leadership courses with CTI in San Rafael, California. Since relocating to Texas with her husband, Kelly has combined her background in education and leadership as a Private Teacher and Dog Obedience Trainer (specializing in nervous aggression). Kelly first connected with the House of Shine by attending Rise & Shine and Learn to Shine workshops. Kelly then met Claudia personally through a mutual friend. This led to a Learn to Shine partnership between Kelly and Claudia; Kelly was the Learn to Shine Facilitator for a portion of the 2017-2018 Season. Kelly enthusiastically joined the House of Shine team full time in March of 2019.

When Kelly is not working on upcoming events or workshops, she is likely doing something related to her achiever and learner strengths. Kelly is energized by anything that enables her to reflect, refine, and apply learning. Whether she is prepping for a bodybuilding show, training for a distance race, or facilitating women’s mastermind groups, Kelly loves all forms of development. Kelly also appreciates spending quality time with her husband and two giant-breed dogs.

Kelly is proud her work helps others access experiences and programs that enable them to unearth and harness their shine, because she believes that living a life of purpose allows all people the opportunity to live their most fulfilled life.

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