Our clients say we shine. What they’re really noticing is how passionate we are about connecting each person to the contribution we’re convinced they are meant to make. That and the love we have for crafting content so engaging, students can’t help but learn and grow. Add to it our team’s collective creativity and combined years of teaching experience and it’s no wonder our partners can tell that we love what we do.


The best part of House of Shine, other than the tremendous help it provides women and children, is how well it is organized and the depth of material the Founder has developed.

Kelly Pace Bradley

Founder Metroport Meals On Wheels, Inc.


I love how the blog encourages the world to appreciate the Shine we see in others and ourselves!

Mary Pat


The Radi8Shine project, brought to our school by House of Shine, has been absolutely loved by the teachers because they feel like they get a one on one moment with a student that they would have otherwise not been able to talk to! In addition, this project has brought our Student Council class closer together as it has been a group effort to promote this project.


Carroll Senior High School Student Council


Words cannot express my gratitude to you and your team for bringing SerenTRIPity to Cassata High School. Thirty of our girls learned their strengths, how to develop them and continue to grow stronger using them to be their best selves. As the week progressed, we heard from the girls how impactful this week-long experience was to them. You could hear the increase in self-confidence in their voices as they became bolder in expressing themselves. They are empowered through your leadership to continue developing their strengths along with this new found confidence. This was truly a life-changing event for our girls. Please extend our tremendous gratitude to the donors who make this program possible.

Tracy Rector

Cassata Connections


House of Shine:

You have changed my life.


Cassata student/camp participant


You have no idea the impact you made. Thank you!


Camp participant


House of Shine is an amazing and inspiring organization. Each one of their events is unique and beautifully executed. They believe in each and every person finding their “shine,” and the creativity used to bring out the best in each of their attendees is fantastic.

As a staff person and Mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters, it’s been an amazing journey working with House of shine to help girls find their passion.

Beth Keller

Director of Programming
Big Brothers Big Sisters


I was so surprised that my teacher picked me out of all the kids.  It was a surprise but also an honor.  It makes you think about how the little things you do for others can have an impact on so many. Thank you House of Shine!

Megan Walsh

Recipient of Radi8shine award
Carroll Senior High School


House of Shine has been working with Westlake Academy’s fifth grade since the beginning of the school year. The hoped for outcome, in Westlake Academy’s fifth grade working with House of Shine, was for students to more productively work in pairs and in small groups. Dr. Beeny, founder of House of Shine, has come to our campus and facilitated whole grade discussions and activities that are encouraging our students to draw out what their strengths are and how they will emerge in various situations. Our students particularly enjoyed an activity where they used paints to represent their unique set of strengths and could visualize, through a collage of painted handprints, that even though they may share similar strengths with their peers, their own strengths will create a unique combination. Through targeted activities, learn to shine has been systematically unfolding how students can most productively work together using their unique talents and strengths to create the best learning experience and final products they can. Overall, our experience with learn to sign has been incredibly enlightening and fruitful. The fifth-grade students are now able to recognize their strengths, recognize the strengths of others, analyze how best to move forward in group situations where strengths are different, and are able to use their strengths and their partner strengths to achieve their best outcomes. Student productivity and collaboration have been greatly impacted already and we look forward to continuing on our House of Shine journey.

Amanda Bunch

Westlake Academy


I first wanted to thank you for the wonderful program you have brought to WLA. Elyn has absolutely loved being a part of Shineworks! I am a high school teacher (I work on 2 different campuses). I decided to have my students at both schools make pumpkins for their favorite teacher. I have included pictures of the pumpkin patch we created before they were delivered. Students also took extra supplies and made some for family members! I got several emails from teachers who were touched by the sentiments written by their students. Thank you for a wonderful idea!!! 

Kirsten Autrey

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