Principles of Shine

Our Ten Principles

The House of Shine is a high-energy gathering place for anyone committed to being their best and to bringing out the best in others. People who shine share common characteristics, so we make it our business to teach, promote, and celebrate the ten principles we consider most essential.

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Shining is about being present and in the moment. Nothing productive comes from you wishing you were somewhere else or doing something different. Give fully of yourself while accepting what others have to offer and it will become clear why this moment is essential to your life’s journey.

Shining means realizing that each of us possesses a unique combination of talents and, when used in combination, we are braced to make a significant contribution to the world. Shining means choosing daily to focus on your attributes, deciding how to use them, and spending less time on how to best overcome your deficits.

Shining means treating small opportunities with as much importance as big ones. It means the presentation for fifteen people warrants every bit as much preparation as the keynote address for hundreds. Shining means not minimizing the importance of small gestures, confident we can make up for them with periodic grand gestures.

People who shine are masters of their trade and that mastery allows them to see opportunities for improvement. They are not afraid to create. In fact, people who shine plow through the uncertainties, breaking new ground because they are excited by the chance to make a contribution.

If you accept that you have a unique set of talents and gifts to share with the world then you must also accept that the same is true of everyone around you. Shining means that while you are busy discovering your unique contribution to the world you are also helping others discover theirs. Helping someone else shine does not mean you shine any less.

People who shine have a sense of context. They don’t allow themselves to get so self-absorbed in their own self-pity and worries that they forget about the bigger picture. Without perspective we lose sight of our lives in relation to the rest of our community, city, state, and country. Connecting to the bigger picture is part of what makes us shine.

People who shine don’t just check boxes. They are not minimalists, looking for how to squeak by doing as little as possible. Instead, people who shine take pride in their work and therefore give their best effort. Shining requires the kind of confidence that only comes from giving your personal best.

People who shine are relentless. They are fixated on their passions and work tirelessly to reach their goals. This energy to persist comes from a deep sense of purpose. People who shine do what they love because they cannot imagine an alternative.

For every compelling reason to live a full, rich life, there are an equal number of reasons to cut corners and to rationalize. People who shine understand that choosing to shine is a habit. That is why people who shine practice shining. They catch themselves in the midst of cutting a corner, acknowledge it, and then in a disciplined way switch gears.

People who shine know that by sprinkling shine in their corner of the world, sparks are created that will ignite others. Armed with this information, people who shine build time into their week for recognizing the goodness of others’ contributions. Shining is an attitude, highly contagious and most easily transmitted through the celebration of people and events.

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