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House of Shine was formally established in 2014.

But the heart and soul of our organization has been around much longer.

Our founder, Dr. Claudia Beeny, began shaping the idea behind House of Shine in February, 2008, when she wrote her first blog post. What began as a simple goal to share one creative idea a day for a year, has been transformed into a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to teaching others to ignite the power within, and change their world for the better.


Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director of House of Shine

Claudia’s top strengths are Strategic, Focus, Achiever, Input, and Ideation. By pairing her experience in education with her talent for hatching ideas and creating plans to execute them, she is able to spend every day doing what she enjoys most: Helping others discover their gifts, and use them to shine.

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Maureen Ramirez

Chief Operating Officer

Maureen’s top strengths are Adaptability, Arranger, Includer, Empathy, and Developer.

She combines these natural gifts with a background in marketing and graphic design, using her unique combination of experience and talent to design and produce marketing materials for the organization. She also assists in arranging events and developing curriculum.

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Shay Girard

Director of Development

Shay’s top strengths are Empathy, Positivity, Individualism, Activator, and Connector. Combined with her experience in social outreach, marketing, and not-for-profit administration, they bring great value to House of Shine. She believes in respecting one another’s views and being open-minded, and she enjoys bringing laughter, energy and fun to any situation.

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Katie Kolkmeier

Director of Programming

Katie’s top strength is Learner. She has experience leveraging technology and social media to develop community; and she excels in writing curriculum and delivering staff trainings. Her success is a result of having discovered her own SHINE — and she joined House of Shine to pay it forward, and help others do the same.

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Cheryl Houston


Cheryl has been an active supporter of House of Shine’s mission since its early days, on She specializes in drawing, painting and mixed media, and has created custom artwork for Year Of, DO:52, and other projects. Cheryl’s top strengths of positivity and creativity make House of Shine a brighter place.

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Karen Malone


Karen‘s top strengths are Harmony, Responsibility, Analytical, Maximizer and Intellection. She combines these natural gifts with a background in finance and accounting, using her unique combination of experience and talent to provide the financial oversight needed by the organization.

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Kerry Rozes Nelson

Office Manager

Kerry’s strengths are Developer, Adaptability, Empathy, Relator, Ideation. She has an eye for fashion and isn’t afraid to use her power tools to get a job done.

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Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director of House of Shine

Richard Beeny

CEO, Life Science Logistics

Kim Festagallo

Educator, Imagine Schools

Lisa Pritchett

Owner, Lilium Floral Designs

Tina Kauffmann

VP Development, Bellarmine University

Dana Bucknam

Angela Weisgarber

Kelly Bradley

Mary Lee Alford

Mary Sackleh

Colleen Neely

Tracy Rector

Danielle Macias

Sara Shinn

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