A Bright Way To Say Thank You

The postal carrier who always delivers packages with a smile. The checker who insists on carrying your groceries to the car, without being asked. The hotel clerk who helped you find a rental car when the whole city was booked. In the crowd of people you encounter every day, you’re sure to find some individuals who radiate excellence — if you just take the time to look.

The Yellow Envelope Project is House of Shine’s initiative to recognize ordinary people who shine, and reward them for their out-of-the-ordinary efforts. In a world where negative news dominates newspapers, TV and radio stations, we’re committed to shining a light on the good. It’s a simple way to make someone else feel good. And it starts with you. Here’s how to help:

Nominate Someone

If you shine (and we know you do), chances are you know someone else who shines, too. Tell us about an individual in your life who makes the world a brighter place, and why they deserve recognition.