Bright Ideas

When people are living their purpose, they cannot help but create. That’s why we have an entire section called Bright Ideas and a long list of additional items we could have included but didn’t. We have hatched a handful of ideas over the years that, although not central to our daily work, are too prized to let go. Pragmatists call them distractions. To us, they are passion projects. Take a look for yourself.


DO52 is a yearlong challenge to invite a new verb into your life each week, and use it as the inspiration to live more consciously. In your toolkit, you’ll find 52 sticks, each labeled with a different action verb.

Yellow Envelope Project

An easy way to spread your shine by recognizing the excellence in everyday people.


Shine is a verb. It takes action to make the world a brighter place. The downloadables below offer action-oriented projects and tools to help you do whatever it takes to shine.

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