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A good tour guide, like a good teacher, captivates his audience by carefully weaving together curated insights with simple facts and figures.

I was reminded of this over the summer when my family and I were lucky enough to go on safari with Gabriel, our Guide.

For two weeks, Gabriel peeked our curiosity with his breadth and depth of knowledge about everything from the topography of Africa to the intricate relationships between animal life, and current events ranging from politics to conservation concerns.

We were expertly guided through Tanzania to witness big and awesome sights like the great migration of Wildebeests and Zebras and, at the same time, challenged to sit patiently while miracles of nature unfolded before our very eyes. One of my favorites was the early morning hours we spent creeping along in our safari vehicle to witness whether two male lion cubs could escape falling prey to something higher on the food chain or be reunited with their mother by following her scent. Two hours and more than two circuitous kilometers later, we broke out in cheers when, in a Lion King-moment, the lioness was spotted high-up on a rock watching her cubs approach.

Only an expert like Gabriel could have known how to usher us through those early morning hours and facilitate an experience we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

Ironically, it was a middle school experience of his own that convinced Gabriel he wanted to be a Guide. His seventh grade class was afforded an overnight safari and, in a twist of fate, their school bus broke down. Students were divided up and placed in smaller safari vehicles with guides of their own. That one-day experience was memorable and invigorating enough to flip a switch in Gabriel’s mind.

Experiences can be guideposts, leading us towards future opportunities where our talents and interests converge with a need in the world. At House of Shine we call that your Point of Intersection (POI). Gabriel’s middle school experience was enough to help him find his POI and because he did, he is, in turn, creating unforgettable experiences for droves of other people.

I particularly love Gabriel’s story, because our non-profit also focuses on middle schoolers. We facilitate experiences that will raise their self-awareness and confidence so they, too, can eventually find their POI. Our offerings might not be a safari, but the exploration is every bit as thrilling.

If you want to know more, we’re happy to Guide you through it. Just reach out at [email protected]

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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