Hobbies: Delivering Happiness

Tony Hsieh’s, CEO of Zappos, wrote a book titled Delivering Happiness and in it he helps illustrate the role Hobbies play in our success and wellbeing. On page 87 he wrote:

“I had always been passionate about planning and throwing parties because I really enjoyed the idea of architecting and creating experiences and memories…. But as passionate as I was about all of that, I didn’t see party planning as a full-time occupation for me. I thought of it more as a hobby that I was passionate about, and I needed to find something more meaningful  that I could dedicate myself to full-time.”

The remaining 166 pages of the book are laced with examples of how Tony used his love of architecting and creating experiences to build Zappos’s legendary culture. His attention to detail, from office layout to computer log-ins, to their annual Culture Book, and their policy of paying people to quit, all tell of a man who’s spent a lifetime understanding how to harness the energy of people for the greater good.

That’s the link between our Hobbies and our success or well-being. We are drawn to certain Hobbies because they allow us to think, feel, and behave in ways that reinforce our innate Strengths. Tony has masterfully figured out how to bring one of his Hobbies into his workplace and, in doing so, to build a company that is worth billions.

If Tony’s Hobby is architecting and creating experiences what are some of yours? Baking? Photography? Collecting stamps, lace, cars, or vintage signs? Do you enjoy reading, drawing, sweating, or sitting across from a friend in a coffee shop? What do some of your Hobbies reveal about you?

How might you bring one of your Hobbies to either paid or volunteer work? How might it change the way you approach required tasks? It might not earn you millions, but like Tony, it is sure to deliver happiness.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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