DO52: Trifecta

When I was in graduate school doing qualitative research, we learned about the importance of triangulating data.

It meant using multiple methods or data sources to develop a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon being studied and to increase the validity of your findings.

Triangulation is what happened to me over the last three weeks of participating in DO52. Only instead of me researching an outside phenomenon, it’s been me gaining a more comprehensive understanding of myself and my ways of being in the world.




By themselves these three verbs look like nothing special. Three simple verbs with three promising opportunities to shine a little brighter.

But together, as a series of three, this trifecta of verbs spoke volumes to me. When things show up in sets of three, it’s time to pay attention.

One by one, what they were telling me is that I’m imbalanced.

Join what? I’ve got enough commitments.

Participate when? My calendar is already full of meetings and events.

Share with whom? Every time I stand in front of a room teaching, I’m storytelling and sharing something. In fact, I’m sharing right now.

All three of these verbs were inviting me to be in relationship with other people and my reaction to all three verbs was the same: I don’t want to, I’m tired.

Generously giving myself to others is something I’m learning doesn’t come as naturally to me as it does others. So last week, I packed my three verbs and some outfits in a suitcase and went away for four days on a retreat with a small group. Only this time, instead of viewing time away as a drain on my energy, I welcomed the verbs into my life

and I saw this break as a special gift.

It was a chance to…

join three other women I knew very little about, to

participate in a series of structured and semi-structured activities together, and to

share with them pieces of my life, while also having the privilege of learning about theirs.

One verb by itself would have fallen on deaf ears, but all three together was too hard to ignore. And I’m glad I paid attention, because I came home feeling grateful for my new friendships and refreshed by the time away.

Do you have a set of DO52 sticks? If so, what were your last three verbs and, when looking at them together, what could they be trying to tell you? If you don’t have a set, how about visiting our store and purchasing a set?


Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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