I’m Attached

I have become attached to my DO52™ verb from two weeks ago, “Attached“.

When I first selected it, I did what I always do with my verb of the week. I invited it into my life and waited for my heart to tell my head how I could best deploy the verb to shine a little brighter.

My most immediate thought was to carve out time to clean my closet; to clear it of clothes I’m attached to, but no longer wear.

So I scheduled an appointment with a woman who is patient enough to embark on this task with me during my upcoming spring break.

Soon after, my attention turned to a collection of twenty or more handmade ceramic hearts that are sitting on a shelf in my garage. Glaze dripped into the holes positioned at the top of the hearts, preventing me from using them for their intended purpose – decorative tags to be attached to gift packages.

A certain sized Dremel drill bit is required to do the job, so I drove to Home Depot and bought one.

All the while my staff and I have been preparing for a March workshop that we offer as part of a yearlong series. I had the idea, since it was March, that my son, Jack the potter, could make each participant a bowl; something that would look and feel like a pot of gold and could be returned in May full of dimes. Collecting a fish tank full of dimes is an annual project we embark on to raise money for a local chapter of Rotary and it seemed like a creative way to get some additional help.

It was a big idea with only a short amount of time to execute, but the more I thought about the idea, the more attached I became to it.

So I called in volunteers to help,

redirected some of my staff’s time,

and even paid his pottery teacher to spend a few extra hours with Jack one week, meaning the House of Shine was now losing money on the proposition (a bitter pill to swallow for a non-profit).

Of course the deeper I got into the project by way of money, time, and psychological energy, the more attached I became and insistent I was on manifesting the outcome I had envisioned.

Interestingly enough, the workshop we were presenting was about sunsets and sunrises – endings and beginnings – and how letting go of something in our lives will almost always give rise to something new and different.

At 4am the day before our gathering, I was in my garage loading all eighty-five pots into the kiln and smiling about the irony of my situation.

I had become so attached to the idea of presenting each participant with a pot, I completely lost sight of the possibility it was an idea that never should have seen the light of day.

Or, could it be that my idea was a sunrise? A not-so-simple labor of love that would awaken in people a willingness to donate to a local charity?

Time will tell. It’s an analogy that seems fitting for life, though, since so often we can’t tell if something happening to us is actually a sunset… or a sunrise in disguise.

One thing I know for sure is that the sun is finally setting on the verb, “attach”, thereby giving rise to a new verb, a new week, and a whole new DO52™ experience.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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