Full of Washi Tape

When a container is empty, the inclination is to want to fill it.

Even the decorative pot my eleven year old made for me is sitting on my desk with a couple rolls of Washi Tape in it. It’s not the ideal pot for what it’s holding, but the pot was empty and the rolls of tape were homeless so, bringing them together seemed like an o.k. thing to do.

Lunch with an acquaintance a couple weeks back got me thinking about how this might be true of people too; how people when they are feeling empty will do what they can to fill themselves up. Even if what they are filling themselves up with isn’t ideal.

My lunch date shared some remorse she had about recent spending habits and she admitted that, since recently moving to Dallas, shopping was something she did to fill a void.

We are both in the throws of raising kids, so I doubt if her void had anything to do with free time. Instead, I think it has to do with passion.

In her former life, this wildly creative woman got lost in color palettes, fabrics, baubles, and all things fashion related. She was a talented designer, turned mom, and then, again, turned soccer mom with a minivan. Today she dresses in workout clothes and raises kids she loves. But, it used to be that piecing smart outfits together was a hobby, an almost-sport, she and her officemates participated in with great satisfaction. It was one of the ways they challenged themselves to stay fashion forward and, for my lunchdate, it was the outlet she needed to satisfy her insatiable need for creating.

Everything she shared that day let me know that, when she was engaged in the fast-paced world of fashion, her container was full.

But in the absence of feeling full, she looked for something she thought could give her the same feelings.

Of course it didn’t work, because creating and shopping are two different experiences and the latter will never provide the long-term, deep-down satisfaction that you get from creating art.

It begs the question. Is your container full? Really truly full or are you filling it with Washi Tape when what it really needs is something totally different?


Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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