Women Who Shine

I recently had the chance to host an event featuring women who shine and the things they love. It was inspiring to hear stories about how each of these women got to where they were and it was fun learning small tidbits about mundane things such as: what sits on their night stand, favorite indulgences, and must-do daily rituals.

Gifts were distributed too.

Each woman agreed to donate twelve of something in their life that they could not live without; maybe a favorite person who’s written a must-read book, a favorite product, or a gift certificate to a favorite place they love frequenting. Each participant walked away with at least one item.

Following the event what has really stuck with me are some of the similarities among these accomplished women. Sharing my observations with all of you is like receiving a gift, even though you might not have attended the event.

All these women were voracious readers and avid learners.

At some point in their lives each of these women were faced with a decision to either take a chance or simply stay the course. To a woman, they all took the chance.

All relied on their intuition when making decisions.

All of them had an outward orientation. Interestingly, though, all of them had very committed routines around exercise and self-care, but the focus of their work was directed toward serving others.

And, all of them talked about needing time for quiet.

Those insights were actually some of the best and most enduring gifts of the evening.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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