DO52: Gleaning the Slate

A meeting with a colleague last week left me frustrated and curious about where my time goes.

Ironically, I’m proficient with a calendar. So proficient, I sometimes get paid to teach other people how to use theirs. I understand the importance of looking ahead 6-8 weeks and working backwards to develop plans that assure deadlines and commitments get met. I’m comfortable with concepts of time blocking, prioritizing, crossing items off your list, and carrying unfinished business over to the following week.

Despite all my comfort and know-how, I’ve made minimal progress on a project that, six months ago, I insisted was top priority.

Drawing the verb “Glean” from my set of DO52™ sticks felt like the perfect invitation to dig into the pages of my calendar and extract what information I could about where my time is going. Here’s what I gleaned from my analysis:

Seventeen entries were related to preparing for upcoming workshops, representing the biggest outlay of time over the past nine weeks.

Meetings with external stakeholders, accounted for 14 more entries in my calendar.

Following that was internal meetings with staff members, coming in at 11 meetings over nine weeks. That is a seemingly impressive and small number until you look deeper and realize a handful of those meetings were all-day commitments.

The three entries accounting for the least amount of time were Medical/Personal appointments, coming in at 4 entries; travel days at 3 entries; and in dead last…

You got it, time spent working on my “top priority” project. A mere 2 entries.

Some weeks the only purpose of our DO52™ verb is to get us to stop doing and to think instead; think about how aligned our actions are with what we say we want for our lives.

In my case, the realization allows me to course correct and have a “glean slate”.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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