DO52: Emerge and Remark

One of the most liberating features of our DO52™ sticks is there is no right way to use them and, by extension, that means there is also no wrong way to use them. Yes, we recommend selecting a new verb each week, but if two weeks pass or even a month, that’s ok too.

Grace is an important feature of this product because when we are waking up each day trying to shine brighter, the last thing in the world we need is something else making us feel pressured to get it “right”.

Two weeks ago I drew the verb “emerge” and while I brainstormed creative ways of using it, all my ideas felt forced. Instead of getting hung up on using the verb perfectly, I got curious about the impact of drawing another verb the following week, even though the use of “emerge”still went unrealized.

“Remark” was the next week’s verb and, when combined with “emerge” (and a confluence of other things happening in my week), the direction in which I could take my verbs became clear.

I used “emerge” and “remark” to hold myself accountable for following through on a thoughtful gesture I wanted to take, but that, otherwise, would have remained only a nice intention.

I wanted to jot a few remarks to a couple of moms whose daughters I hosted for an afternoon of making random acts of kindness. Earlier in the week I outlined a book titled, Your Child’s Strengths, where author, Jennifer Fox, talked about the importance of observing natural inclinations and tendencies of our children. I thought both moms would appreciate a third party’s observations about the strengths I watched emerge in both girls that afternoon.

One of them was masterful at building consensus and finding common ground between the two of them. She probed and asked questions until she uncovered four or five things they had in common. Her adeptness at relationship-building set the perfect tone for the rest of the afternoon.

The second girl had a real eye for aesthetics. She meticulously positioned sprinkles on her cookies, sealed them in bags with ribbons of complementary colors, and then attached corresponding tags with notes printed in impeccable handwriting.

DO52™ is rarely about big gestures. Usually it’s an invitation to make a minor tweak to something we’re already doing or to take action on something small that leaves you feeling like a giant. The notes I wrote were short, but they went a long way in making me feel like I’m shine a little brighter. With a little luck, they’ll have the same effect on the recipients.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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