DO52: Observe, Now and Later

There is something especially gratifying about using DO52™ to take action on something so easy to do that it’s easy not to do.

I first learned about the concept of “easy to do, easy not to do” when reading the book Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson. He asserts, most of the actions we can take to gain the slight edge are so easy to do that dismissing them until tomorrow is, actually, easy to do.

Read ten pages of a book that will develop me in some way?

That’s easy to do. So easy that, surely, I can skip ten pages today and read twenty tomorrow.

Put on sun screen to protect my skin in the long term?

It only takes a minute. I’ll definitely do it next time.

Tell my spouse I love him before leaving the house?

Today I’m super rushed, but I’ll make a point of telling him twice tomorrow.

It’s a game we play with ourselves, borrowing time from The Now, confident that doubling down Later will carry all the same value.

But it doesn’t, because the point of these important-but-not-urgent actions we take is that they are meant to be done in the Now. And then, again, in the Later. It is the compound effect of these simple actions, over time, that gives people the slight edge.

For days, weeks, even months, I have watched my committed team of staff members over-delivering in every way and thought to myself, “I need to let them know how lucky I feel.”

Write them each a note?

That’s easy to do. In fact, so easy, it’s easy not to do.

Until tomorrow

when I have a little more free time.

But free time is a commodity, so I continued borrowing from Later, believing it was worth the same as Now.

It’s not, though, because, of course, they should feel valued in the Now and in the Later.

This week I selected the verb “observe” from my set of DO52™ sticks and, when I stopped long enough to hear what my head was telling my heart, I knew:

Now was the time to jot them each a note, observing something about them that I especially appreciate and admire.

Easy to do… when we stop borrowing from the Now, figuring we can do it Later.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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