DO52: Expand, Finally

Making the journey through DO52 alone each year makes seeing my opportunities for growth easier than if I were negotiating the verb along with a spouse, my kids, or a friend.

This week, I want to tell you how my trip to the Apple store for AirPods finally opened my world to Podcasts, thereby expanding the number of ways I can take in new information.

Or, I want to hide behind the pithy statement, “What you focus on will expand” and celebrate all the ways finally hiring a consultant will expand House of Shine’s reach in the community.

I even contemplated sharing the expansive feeling that came from finally downloading the Uber app to my own phone, instead of relying on my husband to order up our car.

But, when I stand alone in my verb of the week and I am honest with myself and you, all I notice is my repeated use of the word “finally“.

“…finally opened my world to Podcasts”

“…finally hiring a consultant”

“…finally downloading the Uber app”

What I recognize is that I am almost always a late-adopter. While others charge ahead, trying the latest technology, t.v. series, or even diet plan, I’m almost always in the background looking for reasons not to.

“Why bother, it’ll soon be replaced by something even more advanced.”

“Maybe later when I have more time and money.”

“It’s easier to just follow his lead.”

The most honest expansion that took place this week was in my mind. It was the willingness to sit in my observation and wonder how true the pattern was. It was confronting the reality that, even though I wish I were a risk-taking, early-adopter, I’m not. And it was exploring all the ways my reticence keeps my world small, instead of bigger and more expansive.

My mind was stretched by DO52, yet again, this week and in the words of Emerson, “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” That’s the point of DO52 – a slow and steady practice of stretching ourselves to see what we must, so we may live the lives that we want.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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