Caution: Red Boots

For those of us heavily involved in the teaching and development of young people, there is growing debate about the benefits and liabilities of Individualized Learning.

When I listen to the debate I can’t help but think about my custom-made, all-red, cowboy boots.

My husband gifted me this Cinderella experience for Christmas the first year we moved to Texas. I say Cinderella experience because my feet have never gotten so much attention and the process took the better part of an afternoon. First they measured every nook and cranny of both feet and then I had to get down to the difficult work making decisions. Lots of them.

What color or colors did I want them?

What kind of leather? Ostrich? Crocodile? A mix?

How high? Ankle? Calf? Below the knee? Above the knee?

Scalloped top or not?

Square toe, rounded toe, point toe?

Angled heel, straight heel? Height of heel?

Stitching or no stitching?

And there were more decisions to make than just those. I just can’t possibly remember them all.

I had no idea there were so many variations of cowboy boots or that I should have preferences for each and every feature.

Presented with so many choices and void of knowing myself well enough to confidently make decisions, I buckled under the pressure. I absolved myself of all responsibility by getting the simplest all-red boot M.L. Leddy’s has probably ever constructed.

My feeling is Individualized Learning is a lot like a trip to M.L. Leddy’s. If we don’t intentionally expose students to curriculum that guides them through thinking about their likes and dislikes, their preferences, strengths, and visions for the future then the benefits of Individualized Learning are underutilized at best and paralyzing at worst.

House of Shine carefully writes and delivers curriculum that does just that; arms students with the self-knowledge they need to confidently assemble their ultimate pair of boots. Boots that will last them a lifetime.

Can we custom fit some for your school, classroom, organization, or even family?

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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