At House of Shine we talk a lot about foundational moments. These are life experiences we believe have helped shape who we’ve become. Some are good and some are painful.

The idea is that by understanding what makes them foundational, we gain insight into ourselves. If I understand why being a camp counselor, being awarded Scholar-Leader of the Year, or First Friday Mass at St. Aloysius stand out among the millions of memories I have then I might learn a few things about what is important to me.

I read something the other day that provided extra insight into why some of my memories stand out as being more important – more transformational – than others. Lynne McTaggart wrote in her most recent book, The Power of Eight, “The key to a long and healthy life is living a life that concerns itself with a meaning beyond satisfying the needs of number one.”

Her point is interesting because, without even realizing it, many of the moments I have identified as being foundational in my life are moments where I was serving others. Being a camp counselor, serving as resident assistant in college, helping with the annual cleanup in my hometown, and even shepherding along House of Shine as our impact in the community grows.

Aha: The most positive transformational moments in my life are all experiences where I was serving others.

It’s a simple “aha”, but making that single connection between the transformational effects of altruism and my most foundational moments means, moving forward, I can make more informed decisions about how I spend my time and money.

That’s how we build a life that shines: one simple informed insight at a time.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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