The Shine Sequence

When we’re teaching our curriculum, we describe the Point of Intersection as having three components and we usually talk about them in a particular order:

Talents, Interests and then, pulling up the rear,  Need.

We use those three legs of the tripod to help people identify their shine – unique ways they can contribute to their corner of the world.

Talents make sense coming first, because you are born with them and they are innate.

Interests come next because they are acquired over time. I am innately creative, but it’s only been over time that I have acquired interest in teaching.

Need presents last, because it makes intuitive sense to fill needs based on the talents and interests available. For example, to flourish, the world needs engaged citizens to do everything from vote to perform  jobs with excellence. It just so happens my talent for creativity and interest in teaching allows me to fill that need, using the curriculum I write and deliver.

There is it: Talent then Interest then Need.

But last night, my thirteen year old son Matthew emceed a fundraiser in downtown Dallas, proving the sequence doesn’t t always go in that order.

Matthew does have innate Talent for public speaking, but it wasn’t until a Need presented itself that Matthew had an opportunity to discover this sort of activity Interested him.

In that case it was: Talent, Need, Interest.

And, there is more…

The reason the teacher offered Matthew the opportunity to emcee is because, four years ago a student fell off stage and broke her arm just as the principal was supposed to present the music teacher with flowers. Matthew happened to have been standing close by and expressed interest in helping. In a split second, the principal put the flowers in Matthew’s arms and gently nudged him on stage to make the presentation.

And present he did. Five or six minutes later, Matthew still had the microphone and was aptly holding the attention of teachers, parents, and students alike. In fact, I think my husband, Richard, and I were the only two who watched with one eye open, wishing it would hurry up and end.

On that afternoon, due to totally unforeseen circumstances, we learned Matthew had some innate talent for public speaking.

There it was: Need, Interest, Talent.

The lesson here is, there is no single way to stumble upon the contribution you are uniquely wired to make. It’s about showing up and seizing opportunities.

How about you? What is the last contribution you made and in what order did talent, interest, and need show up for you?


Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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