Beautiful Moments


Sometimes the world aligns in a way that we are left with a confidence we’re living out our purpose.

One of those moments happened yesterday.

I was at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Fort Worth having lunch with other facilitators from local non-profit organizations. We were all on campus for a Student Workshop Day with sixth through ninth grade students.

One partner began to speak and shared that she is from the Netherlands and is in the USA as part of a worldwide initiative she started, called Seize Your Moments. In her work, she has people draw a beautiful moment from their life.

It was then that one of those, your body is covered in goosebumps and your jaw hits the table moments happened.

Because, just last week I facilitated a workshop with a different group of teen girls at Cassata High School in Fort Worth and used this exact initiative as the basis for my session. I started the workshop by having students draw a beautiful moment from the last few weeks of their life and then teased out the learning to emphasize the strengths they possess that helped create that moment.

And now, I was sitting across the table from the woman who started that same initiative, Janne Willems.

Janne is just as magnificent, inspiring, and full of shine as I imagined her to be. And her eyes sparkled when I told her about sharing her story and initiative with the girls at Cassata.

You see, sometimes these moments happen where the world aligns to show us that we’re on the right path to living our purpose. I’m glad Janne and I experienced one of those moments together.

Katie Kolkmeier

Director of Curriculum

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