100 Days Later

On May 31, I started the 100 Day Shine Challenge by logging out of my social media accounts. And I had no intention of logging back in until today, Day 100.


I chose social media for my 100-day challenge for several reasons:

A desire to spend more time reading books and less time reading Facebook updates.

An unhealthy habit of checking social media during any lull in my day.

A reliance on social media to maintain friendships and relationships. 

The need for a break from the game of comparison I consistently played.


100 days later, here’s what I know to be true:

I read more books this summer than I read the previous nine months combined.

I can now walk away from my phone for chunks of time without concern.

Meaningful friendships and relationships do transcend social media.

It’s hard to compare yourself to the life events you don’t know are happening.


100 days later, I’ve learned the importance of creating silence where my head easily becomes filled with noise. In that silence, I’ve been able to reconnect with living a life that shines. 

I may have rejoined the social media world today, but my perspective on its ability to define who I am has drastically changed – for the better. 

Katie Kolkmeier

Director of Curriculum

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