100-Day Shine Challenge

The last speaker of the day at a conference I recently attended in New York spoke about how she tackled fear. One of her college professors assigned she and her classmates the task of doing something for 100 consecutive days.

Her friend decided to break up with make-up and to go natural for 100 days. Another classmate learned a new word daily, and still another committed to meeting someone new everyday for 100 days. Our presenter used her 100 days to do 100 things that scared her.

Some days the tasks were small and simple, like going to the dentist or paddle boarding in the ocean. Others were more complicated, like sky diving and wrapping a snake around her neck. But, in the end, the repeat act of facing a fear every day for one hundred days made the practice more natural to her daily existence.

Part way through Michelle’s presentation, I could not help but wonder how I would hold myself accountable given the same 100 days, so I began trying on ideas:

Drink 8 glasses of water or more every day for 100 days

Read for 30 minutes or more

Get rid of one material item everyday for 100 straight days

Connect with a friend or family member everyday for 100 straight days

Write 100 consecutive blog posts

Do daily acts of kindness

With summer right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to invite all of you to ask yourself the same question. What could you do for the next 100 days that might leave you feeling happier?

Don’t answer right away, think about it. Maybe even talk to your friends, colleagues, and kids about it. On Wednesday, May 31 we are kicking off our 100 Day Shine Challenge. That means from May 31-September 8, friends and followers of the House of Shine will select one thing they can do for the next 100 days to shine a little brighter. Tune in on the 31st for my reveal and to share what you have decided on.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 5/16/17 6:46 am by Claudia Beeny in: Inspiration

One thought on “100-Day Shine Challenge”

  1. prdesigns says:

    One hundred days…. in a row????? I’m in a 10 day challenge right now and a 30 days challenge…. but 100? Oh, also a 52 week challenge (Anybody heard of DO52?) Being in a 100 day…. wow…. I already have my theme… because it’s my word…. My Year of… MORE…. so, for 100 MORE days I will be accountable for my actions and re-actions. I will be more, do more, hug more, love more…. and maybe I will document 100 times each event that I step it up and do just a little bit MORE!

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