Where Does Your Mind Wander?

Car rides can be perfect places to discover more about your kid’s Shine and even your own. Here is a recent example of an insight I had about my family.

Perfectly quiet in the car last weekend, Jack suddenly chimed in from the back seat. “My favorite hotel room in Italy was the one we stayed in while visiting Roma. I loved the big living room and patio.” (Note that Jack referred to the city as Roma, since that, he was told, is  how real Italians pronounce it).

At least it wasn’t another question about planes, because when Jack isn’t asking “What if” questions or where we are traveling next, he is dreaming about all the amenities he will one day build into the planes he designs.

Struck by the random nature of Jack’s statement, five months after having returned home, I began wondering where everyone else’s minds wandered when the car was quiet.

“Matthew, where does your mind wander when you daydream?”

“Books,” he replied with only a slight pause. “I imagine myself as a character in one of the books I’ve read.” And then he clarified, because for an avid reader who consumes three or more books a week, Matthew could imagine himself in any number of genres. “Mostly books set in medieval times.”

“How about you, honey?” I asked my husband. I would imagine that the minds of entrepreneurs could move in any number of directions – New business opportunities, client concerns, business strategy, or even staffing issues.

Without skipping a beat, Richard said “Scuba diving, being on the water, playing tennis, all the things I wish I got to do more often.”

I wondered why that surprised me at all. Part of my husband’s shine is his ability to keep work in perspective. He is masterful at balancing the demands of his work with his family life and his hobbies.

One reason Richard’s answer might have surprised me, because every free moment that my mind has to wander, I am daydreaming about content for my next workshop or the national success someday achieved by House of Shine for helping people find their purpose.

I daydream about our growing staff, our beautiful house of shine sitting on hill, painted yellow, and home to countless workshops and training sessions. I picture our national reach, curriculum being sold faster than we can print it, and more opportunities than our staff could possibly keep up with.

You see, at the House of Shine, we describe your Shine as the unique combination of your strengths, hobbies, interests and irritants, needs, and life experiences. We assert that no two of us has exactly the same combination and, it is precisely because of those differences, that each of us is in a position us to make a contribution unlike anybody else’s.

None of us comes with an instruction manual, but paying attention to where our minds wander when there is quiet is a great way to gain insight into what you most like to think about. And that is an excellent clue about who you are at your core. And that – the core – is where your shine lives.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 3/3/17 10:38 am by Claudia Beeny in: Miscellaneous,Personal Development

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