Driving versus Coasting

I have had an aha in the past couple of days about the difference between driving my life and coasting through life.

It started six weeks ago when I selected the DO52 verb, “Fit”. DO52 is a tool we created at the House of Shine to facilitate a weekly conversation between your head and your heart. Draw the weekly verb and then invite this action word into your life. Before week’s end, the verb usually reveals itself, providing insight into a simple action we might take to shine a little brighter. Participating in DO52 puts you squarely in the driver’s seat of your own life.

Except that week when I selected the verb “Fit”. I had an insight into how I might apply the verb to my life, but somewhere between my busy schedule and my apprehension, I didn’t take action. Instead, I coasted through the week.

Then the next week, intent on being the driver of my life, I went ahead and selected another verb, “Organize”. Almost immediately a smile came across my face because I knew exactly what message the universe was trying to send. Combine last week’s word, “fit” with the next week’s verb, “organize”. Switch “organize” to “disorganize” and drive a new fitness plan. Disorganize your existing routine and drive toward better fitness results.

It was clear as a bell, like driving down a busy boulevard and every light, for as far as the eye can see, is green. Ready and waiting for me to take action.

But change is hard and days are busy, so instead I stayed on cruise control for another week. My existing routine wasn’t bad, after all, it’s just that I have had this nagging sense there’s a better route to take.

The third week I didn’t pull a new verb. Maybe because I was intent on driving change from the week before or maybe because I was overwhelmed at the idea of having one more to think about or do. Instead, I coasted.

I’ve been coasting for six weeks now. That is not to say my days aren’t busy. They are. Days are whizzing by, like when you’re traveling at eighty miles an hour down the highway and cars, billboards, and scenery are flying by left and right.

That’s the difference between driving and coasting, though. Driving is about taking charge. It’s about steering the wheel that determines left or right, deciding when to speed up, when to put on the brakes, and when to change course all together.

Coasting is about just going. Going through one day, then another, and another, and then another.

The decision to stop coasting and to start driving is hard one, because driving means we have to be alert, make decisions, and maybe course correct. It’s way more likely to get us where we want to go, though.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 3/8/17 6:45 am by Claudia Beeny in: Personal Development

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