DO52: Build

The good news is we don’t get graded on the execution of our DO52™ verb. It’s good news, because if we did, I would receive a D- for this week’s verb, BUILD.

My intentions were good.

Somewhere along Thursday or Friday, my head and heart consulted with one another and decided the best use of my weekly verb was to build a memory with my nine-year old son. I would do it by building something with the bucket of blocks that have been sitting in the corner of my living room since he received them on Christmas morning.

Thursday night was tennis, a quick stop at Staples for school supplies, dinner, and then baths and bed.

Friday the boys had school and then Friday night I had an event to attend.

Saturday morning Jack took his pottery lesson and then Saturday afternoon his classmate came over to play. His friend left at 5:15 and at 5:30 the babysitter showed up to watch the boys while I enjoyed a previously scheduled girls-night-out.

Sunday morning was tennis, home in time for lunch, and then Jack’s follow-up pottery lesson (he and his teacher are working on a large project right now, thus the extra lesson this week). At 3:30 I attended an event and then returned home just in time to make dinner, clean the kitchen, and then watch a little bit of family tv before getting the boys in bed for school on Monday morning.

On Monday, the recap of my weekend reads like a long list of excuses, doesn’t it? Yet, in the moment, each of the events, and household chores felt important and like the right thing to do.

This week I get a failing grade for executing on my DO52™ verb of the week, but I give myself high marks for slowing down long enough to wonder how it happened; how the entire weekend passed without finding 30-45 minutes to build something out of blocks with my son?

And the Do52 sticks? They get an A+, because without them I might have given myself a pass. I might never have had to reconcile the disconnect between the kind of relationship I tell myself I want to have with my boys and the actions I actually take.

For those of us who want to bee students of life, DO52™ is the perfect teacher.


Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 1/23/17 9:04 am by Claudia Beeny in: DO52

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