The Cycle of Feeling Sick

Yesterday I wrote about waking up scared and with a pit in my stomach, because of a program the House of Shine was publicly launching for the first time.

Last night I went to sleep relieved.

And this morning I wake up more confident.

I find that to be the cycle when pushing my own limits.

First dread, then relief, then confidence.

I say cycle, because I don’t actually think the relationship between those three things is linear. It’s cyclical. Before the dread could ever appear, there had to be confidence.

The confidence to trust my experience enough to know this idea was more than a silly notion.

The confidence to share the concept with others as though it had merit.

The confidence to lead a team of people in helping me execute the event.

The confidence to lean on my leadership skills enough to lead that very competent team.

The confidence to stand up to my Inner Critic; the one who waved her fists and stomped her feet 100 times trying to convince me I should back out before the scheduled date.

It’s true. The chance to feel sick to your stomach only comes after the hard work of building confidence.

Where are you in the cycle?


Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 1/26/17 6:07 am by Claudia Beeny in: Personal Development

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