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Katie K here.  Now that I’ve joined the House of Shine team, it’s our hope that you’ll find me popping in with a blog post or two.  And today seemed like a great day to do just that!

In preparing for a workshop, I was reading some text written by Jeff Olson titled The Slight Edge. In the book, Olson talks about the impact the daily decision to take a small, manageable action can have over a lifetime when the decision to act is made consistently. I was struck by one particular example in which Olson challenges the reader to imagine two images in their mind. First, a steam of water running down the side of the road after a rainy day and second, the Grand Canyon.

What he then points out is that the only difference between these two images is time. According to many geologists, the Grand Canyon was formed by a steady stream of water consistently running along the clay over the last six million years.  What may seem like an insignificant daily occurrence (streaming water) has made a profound impact (Grand Canyon) by occurring daily over a significant period of time.

This imagery struck me as a great representation of living our shine. Living a life of purpose in which we’re sharing our shine with others isn’t measured by our ability to build a canyon in a day.  It’s measured by the daily decision to wake up and create a steady stream of shine in our corner of the world.  By doing so, we will build the canyon over time.  For me, it was the decision yesterday to sit down with a colleague and teach her my email management system.  Or it was the decision to give the gift of time to a friend for her birthday instead the stuff I could have bought at the store. In the moment, the decision can feel important but not overly significant.  It’s these daily and consistent decisions to live a life of shine that will build our canyons.

Katie Kolkmeier

Director of Curriculum

Posted on 10/14/16 4:00 am by Katie Kolkmeier in: Personal Development

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