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Last week’s DO52 verb, Remember, was perfectly placed in my life.

After a busy summer of travel, kids, and growing demands at work, I wanted to use last week’s verb to reconnect with all of the things I remember loving most about starting the House of Shine nine years ago.

I wanted to reconnect with the simplicity of what my days used to look like when it was just me and the simple goal of blogging a creative idea a day, never repeating the same idea twice.

Back then my days started by dropping the boys off at daycare and then heading directly over to Starbucks where I would do some combination of reading, writing in my journal, and getting organized in my calendar. Around noon, I would head back home and get ready for a five-mile walk. That is when I would begin crafting the opening line for the next day’s blog post in my head and day dreaming about creative ideas and deserving people who should be recipients of those ideas.

By 1:30 I was back in my house and there I worked on projects, alone, until 3:00 when it came time to pick up the boys.

My house was usually clean.

My head was usually clear.

And my work felt mostly inspired, not required.

So last week I was conscious of building in time for those things; the things that made me fall in love with my work to begin with.

I sat in a coffee house with the sun streaming through the window and worked on my calendar and made notes in my journal with colored pens.

I got lost in the pages of books that interested me and learned some things worth teaching in the future.

I took a walk and reveled in the sun beating down on my shoulders and face. And, while my feet wandered so did my thoughts. One minute mulling over content for an upcoming workshop and the next minute daydreaming about a creative treat I could make for a deserving person.

And then I made some of those creative treats for deserving people and had an even better time delivering each of them.

And now I am capping off last week’s experience by writing this blog post – something else I remember doing a lot more of in years past and thoroughly enjoying.

Last week was a good week and it has left me excited to see what lies ahead with my newly chosen word. Tune in next week to see how the verb, Fold, helps me shine a little brighter.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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