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Last week my chosen DO52™ verb was BREAK.

Break a record.

Have a break-though idea.

Break a leg during the two workshops I helped facilitate.

Or, as the case may be for me, break a cycle.

For ages, I mean ages, I have beaten myself up for starting my day with either a Starbucks coffee or a coffee with creamer in it.

I know the sugary drink isn’t good for me and that I should tough it out and learn to drink my coffee black. The truth, though, is I like the ritual of coffee more than I like the taste of coffee, so the creamer is part of what makes the morning ritual enjoyable.

But it is also the source of all of my weight woes. Lose the creamer and lose the extra pounds you say you are so desperate to shed, I tell myself.

Drawing the verb BREAK was my invitation to finally buck up and do this thing that has been nagging at me for more than a decade.

Or not.

Because the next morning I got up and made my coffee. And when the crucial moment came when I could either break the habit or give myself permission to drink the coffee in a way I would enjoy, I went for pleasure over pain.

Then I spent the next few days having a different heart to heart with myself. Perhaps the verb BREAK was an invitation to stop beating myself up morning after morning about a practice that clearly was not so detrimental to my health that I was willing to stop. Maybe the thing I needed to break was the incessant loop of negative self talk that consumed hours of my thinking.

But could I knowingly carry on with a practice I was certain was less than good for me? And immediately the loop of negative self talk kicked back in right where it left off.

By Friday, aware and worn out by this mental game of ping pong I was playing, I decided to channel my Inner Peggy – the voice inside my head that says I take DO52™ way too seriously and that I need to lighten up.

So I did. Rather than employ the verb, break, to get me thinking and working harder, I decided to use it literally. I took a break.

Friday night I went to dinner and a movie with a friend.

Saturday I took a walk.

And on Sunday I spent two hours by sitting outside alone with my journal and colored pens.

And now, here I sit, with a coffee (and creamer) at my desk, raring to go and excited for this next week of DO52. Tune in next week to see where the verb FURBISH has taken me.

Peggy, this post is dedicated to you. Thanks for helping me shine brighter.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 8/1/16 4:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: DO52

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