DO52: Charge and Approach

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Having been away the week before, I decided to select two DO52 verbs last week and see what happened when I invited them into my life together.

The first verb was “charge” which I unknowingly read as “change”.

The second verb was “approach”.

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“Change” and “Approach” I liked, because it felt like a directive: Change an approach to something you currently do.

“Charge” and “Approach” was also interesting, because both verbs seemed to demand that I move toward something. In one instance quickly and with force and in the other a subtler saddling up.

But, to be honest some verbs are not meant to be combined and last week was a perfect example. No matter how much I tried combining the words, each screamed out asking to be left alone.

“Charge” motivated me to evaluate my last week’s purchases and to see if there were common themes among them. There were and the “aha” inspired a seven-month project which I can hardly wait to tell you about when it is completed in March.

The project, by the way, should result in real “change”. Maybe I could get bonus points for that.

The verb “approach” got me thinking about my approach to many areas of my life: work, the way I manage stress, exercise, and relationships to name a few.

But, because I draw weekly DO52 sticks, I reflect weekly on how well aligned my actions are with my values, so nothing glaring or immediate jumped out at me.

Instead, long about Wednesday a woman who I met during a training session approached me, asking if I would consider being her mentor. A believer that lives often intersect for a reason, I thanked her for the invitation and shared how excited I would be to learn from her too.

Then for the rest of the week, I imagined all the way my life and hers could change just because she charged ahead and approached me.

It seems the two verbs might have fit together after all.



Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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