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Thanks to wise words and support from friends and readers last week, I received the help I needed to move on from the DO52 verb, HELP; the verb that had me stumped for weeks in a row.

I was excited then when I got to select a brand new verb and invite it into my, hoping it would show me the way to shining a little brighter.

Ironically, when I drew the stick from my collection of fifty-two, I mistakenly saw the word FORUM. The misread verb seemed appropriate though, because it occurs to me that the House of Shine ought to provide a forum for sharing stories about the trials and tribulations of trying to shine.

And, as was the case last week, often times those forums can FORM more questions than they answer.

For instance, some people asked if I was taking my DO52 verb too seriously and suggested I only use them for fun. The question left me wondering about my use of the weekly invitations to shine and made me wonder if it was time to alter my approach.

Others thanked me for my vulnerability and expressed how my decision to open up got them thinking about their own feelings. That was a perspective I hadn’t thought of, so I began asking myself how my growth has been impacted by other people’s stories about their growth.

Still others took a pragmatic approach, doing exactly what I asked – providing insights and ideas about how I might move on from the verb HELP. Even those suggestions formed questions in my mind: What did I think of their ideas? Could they work? Did they shed light on a blind spot? Was there opportunity embedded in any of those suggestions?

Forums, it seems, FORM far more questions than they answer.

Which is great news for me, because there is a question I have been wanting answered and I just haven’t known who to ask or what forum to use. This week’s DO52 verb has motivated me to use this forum and to form a question I can ask you. Here it is:

What reflective question has someone posed to you that somehow influenced the trajectory of your life?

Was it something as simple as “What are you waiting for?” Or, something more inspirational such as “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?”

I’d love to know, so visit our forum and form an answer you’re willing to share.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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