DO52: Recover or Getover?

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I find that sometimes the role of the weekly DO52 verb is to realign me; to shed light on a priority that I have let fall by the wayside.

Other times the verb jolts me out of my complacency. It challenges me to try something I wouldn’t ordinarily do.

And still other weeks the role of the verb is restraint. It’s about getting me to see how not taking action can be every bit as important as taking action.

Last week my verb was RECOVER and as much as I tried to imagine

recovering a chair with new upholstery or

enjoying guilt-free time off as a way of recovering from a busy spring

or skipping workouts so my muscles could recover,

the only real thing that came to mind was the items I wanted to recover from a colleague who borrowed them.

The items were inconsequential. There was nothing irreplaceable in the collection and nothing so important that it was worth getting upset about.

And yet I was upset. It was the principle of the matter. I extended myself to him and rather than do the right thing and willingly return the items, he was making me

track him down


remind him, and


The verb RECOVER challenged me to rethink what I was doing. “To what end am I pursuing this?”, I asked myself. Does recovering the items allow me to win a battle, but lose a bigger war? The war I would be losing is the War on Shining; on taking the high road even when the people around you won’t.

By week’s end I decided my goal was no longer to recover the items and lose perspective, but, instead, to getover the items and keep my resolve not to be petty.

I like who I am more because of the way DO52 challenges my thinking about what it means to shine.

This week I am listening and looking out for all the ways the verb ATTEMPT is pushing me to shine a little brighter. Tune in next week to find out more.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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