DO52: Abandon What?


Those of you who share my unfortunate inclination toward perfection and my unapologetic love for the DO52™ ritual will appreciate this post. Or maybe it’s just that you can’t resist the joy felt when serendipity affirms a belief or inkling you have already been considering.

Recently I turned to our DO52 community, seeking advice on how I should handle four long weeks of inattentiveness. For the past month, under the guise that I was too busy, I declined the weekly invitation to draw a new verb.

This simple ritual got away from me, in part, because avoidance of it allowed me not to confront feelings of disappointment and embarrassment. After all, the very purpose of this tool is to slow life down and return us to state of more mindful living. So if I, the creator of the tool, could not even execute on its intended purpose then doesn’t that undermine or negate the value of DO52?

Yet, reliving four week’s worth of verbs, just so I could say I did, felt like a burden and DO52 is designed to feel empowering not obligatory. On the other hand, ignoring the verbs felt incomplete and, I worried, might saddle me with the even bigger burden of knowing I have unfinished business.

This was the dilemma I mulled over for weeks.

Until a wise woman suggested I pull all four verbs and see what, if anything, the combination of verbs might reveal. So, I did.

Working backwards, I pulled this week’s verb:

ABANDON. An immediate smile came over my face, as I accepted my chosen verb as affirmation it was ok to let go of the failure I was feeling.

Emboldened and with permission on my side, I turned over three more verbs from the thirty-two still available. In order, they were:




Toss the expectation that we must shine all the time. That was the message the Universe was trying to send me and and it was exactly what I needed to hear; not just because I can be hard on myself, but also because it is the reason DO52 exists. The sticks are a weekly reminder to slow down and make sure that what you are doing is in alignment with who you want to be.

You can call it coincidence or serendipity, I chalk it up to the power of DO52™.



Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 6/8/16 3:00 pm by Claudia Beeny in: DO52

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