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Sometimes I have the opportunity to conduct workshops at locations around the country and, when I do, I usually finish by collecting questions I didn't have time to answer during my stay.

Then I commit to answering a handful of them in the upcoming weeks, via my blog or some other form of social media.

Today's question comes from a student leader at University of Mississippi. I like the question, because it recognizes the fact that time is finite; that there are only 168 hours in a week and how we spend our time speaks volumes about our priorities.

Mark Cuban frequently refers to guests on Shark Tank as “wantrepreneurs”. These people, he explains, like the idea of being an entrepreneur, but are less enthralled with the deep and unrelenting commitment that being successful requires.

I feel similarly about shining. We all love the idea of shining; of being brilliant or excellent at something, but only the truly committed will ultimately follow through by consistently allocating time to hone their skills or gain the knowledge necessary to be brilliant.

Here are three suggestions I have about how to maximize your shine by being intentional with your time:

Get it on your radar screen: If you have visions of being a great triathlete, a successful doctor, a sought after artist, or a best-selling author, the first thing you need to do is look at your calendar and ask whether evidence of that dream shows up on your daily schedule. People who shine at something engage with it every day. It could be something as small as reading an article in your area of interest or networking with a veteran in the field, but the idea is to exert intentional daily energy on getting better at your craft

Wake up to your First Five: I maintain that at any given moment we are either creating or receiving, but that it is rare to be doing both at once. That is the reason I start each day with what I call, “The First Five”. They are the first five things of the day I will do before answering a single email, sending a text, or indulging myself in Facebook or some other form of social media. I find that if I don't claim the First Five first thing in the morning then I immediately begin responding to other people's requests and inadvertently forgo advancing my own goals.

Consider DO52: Most of us don't lack good intentions, but it is the execution of those intentions where we struggle most. It's the reason I developed the product DO52™ four years ago – a randomly selected verb each week that when acted upon would keep my thoughts and actions aligned. It's better than an accountability partner, because really you already know what you need in order to shine and having someone else remind you is only a short term solution to the longer term issue of motivation. Click here to read yesterday's post where I give a simple example of how the verb “draw' got me moving last week.

Feel free to visit the Comment Section and share your own suggestion or struggle.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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