New Beginnings Start Now

It's just about that time if it hasn't already begun. First day of school.

I always liked the beginning of a new year of school. My mom had taken me shopping for new clothes. I was ready to see my friends. It was fresh and new and exciting and sometimes a little scary.

New beginnings. I've always liked new beginnings.

My oldest son, Drew, begins his high school career next Monday while my youngest son, JB, begins the first day of his last year in middle school. My stepson, Alex, his starting his first day of his senior year. I'm most excited for my step-daughter, Samantha, as she starts her first day journey of college at the University of Texas in Austin.

New beginnings. It can be a school year, a new calendar year, a personal new year on your birthday or just the beginning of a new project.

This year I embarked on a new quest I call Give 52 where I choose one person a week and send them a piece of artwork as a sign of gratitude. It's exciting. I chose to do this because even though my home life and my work life are good, I just had this nagging feeling in my gut that I was suppose to be doing something more. Something more with my art.

I guess I just needed my own new beginning, you know? Something fresh and different. Something that would make a difference. Something challenging but also manageable.

For many, other than the new year, we get fewer and fewer new beginnings. But, hey! We can create our own. Big or small! Short or tall! There's always something new just around the corner. You just have to decide to chase after it. 

How about you? Do you like new beginnings? Do you have a feeling in your gut that you're suppose to be doing something more? Well, what is it and when are you going to start doing it?

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 8/21/15 11:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Art,Inspiration

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