To Expose Shine, Be Interested

The purpose of the House of Shine is ultimately about exposing people's contributions; helping individuals see their strengths and then igniting in them the power to do something about it.

We would love to help you do that

and, if you have kids, we would love to steer you in the direction of helping your kids do that.

Barbara Sher, author of the book I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, makes an interesting assertion that I find useful when parenting my boys.

For that matter, I also find it useful when talking to my husband,

sitting across from a friend,

or mentoring someone who might have called for advice.

Sher simply explains, “Interest is the sincerest form of respect.”

Six simple but power-packed words: Interest. is. the. sincerest. form. of. respect.

I see the truth in what Sher says, because in my experience, nothing extinguishes a person's enthusiasm or passion faster than feeling dismissed or sensing someone's indifference.

When my son Matthew bends my ear about his next best business idea it's because he is eager and anxious to take initiative. Nothing squelches those attributes faster than my dismissive response followed by a nagging reminder to clean his room.

The same is true of Jack and his endless barrage of “what-if” questions. What if you could parachute down into school with a Pack-a-Chute, instead of driving through car line? What if cannons shot presents instead of bombs? What if dogs could step on a dog dryer when they got out of the pool instead of having to dry them off with a towel?

Jack is creative and imaginative and he loves to live in the future. I could show interest in those attributes and cultivate them knowing they are part of his shine. Or, I can do what so many of us want to do at the end of a long, mentally taxing day of work: reply with a dismissive, “I don't know Jack, what if?”

If I'm coming clean, the same is true about my husband.

For the past couple of years he has lived and breathed the world of triathlons. He reads every magazine or book he can get his hands on, has ordered just about every gadget even tangentially related to the sport, and would happily talk about his weekly workout schedule every chance you gave him.

That's the point. I don't give him that many opportunities, because I don't love the subject matter. But he does love it and the gathering of new knowledge, mastering of a new sport, and on-going commitment is part of what makes him shine.

If we view one of our roles as parents, spouses, friends, or mentors to help expose the shine of those people we love then we could start by doing something very simple and very free:

Be interested in what they are sharing with you, because what they are sharing is part of what makes them shine.

Visit us in the Comment Section and tell us about how someone's reaction to your shine either encouraged or extinguished your enthusiasm. I'm interested

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director


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