DO52: Bind

My favorite is when my DO52™ verb culminates in an experience I would otherwise never have because it prompts me to do something I would otherwise never do. Like last week.

Last week I selected the verb, BIND and the very first thing that came to mind was the bind I put myself in by getting be-hind on the book I am trying to write and then to, eventually, bind. 

But that was perfunctory, because I already had a plan for getting myself out of the bind and catching up on the two lost weeks.

Later in the week, I made binding agreement with another DO52 participant that if she employed her verb (SPREAD) to spread the word about DO52 then I would reward her with some House of Shine swag.

Better, but still not the totally inspired feeling you get when you know that you're maxing out your verb of the week. 

Then, all at once the lightbulb went off and I got inspired.

My right hand woman, Maureen, has been reminding me that I need to photograph the very fun, custom made, packaging tape my husband ordered me for Christmas. She promised to send the picture to the customer service rep who helped her (who was helping Richard) fill the order.

Tape binds.

My husband, who ordered it for me, I am certainly bound to and have been for fifteen fun-filled years.

Add to that, that on Thursday, he left on an overseas trip for two-plus weeks. Before he left, I found myself wondering what fun thing I could tuck in his luggage to bind our family together while he was gone.

Cards? Maybe.

Photos? Easy enough

One of the boy's stuffed animals? Maybe

But then I had an “aha” moment. What about a memory?

So Thursday morning, right before dropping Richard at the airport, I made him stop at his office so we could borrow an extra set of helping hands.

Now Maureen has her picture

and Richard and I have a memory that we're bound to remember.

That, my friends, is what I consider to be the power of DO52™. If you don't already have your set, get it here

Then, tune in next week when I reveal the experience I have with this week's verb, LEAD

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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