Today's post is about so much more than dimes!

It's a real life example of how forces for good are actively at work all around us and, that if you choose to see them, you can actually become overwhelmed by people's kindness and generosity.

Matthew, Jack, and I save dimes.

We save them for a local chapter of Rotary, so that once a year we can attend their meeting and make a donation that helps provide computers to children whose families otherwise could not afford them.

We're in our fourth year of collecting dimes and, if you've been around long enough, then you know our jars are getting bigger and support of our annual project is growing. Organically.

Inspired by the simplicity and symbolism of how this very small act is adding up to so much more, I recently referenced our story in a local magazine.

Then last week a woman in the community who read my article stopped by my table at a local restaurant. She asked if I would be there for a little while because she had something she wanted to give me.

Laura returned 20 minutes later with a plastic red Solo cup.

Filled. with. dimes.

$46.80 to be exact. Laura said she read my article and immediately thought about a large jar she and her husband share that's filled with change. So she took time out of her day to sort through the change and then generously forked over close to $50.00 in dimes.

Dimes are hard to come by so that might very well be a once in a lifetime experience. But the kindness, generosity and belief that each of us can make a difference is not. If you look around, examples are everywhere. Big and small.

I feel rich and full and I hope that you do too.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 10/30/14 11:49 am by Claudia Beeny in: Community,Inspiration

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