DO52: Fill Never Felt So Good

What does someone, whose days already seem so full, do when she randomly selects the word FILL as her DO52 verb for the week?

Surely not fill it more.

That's the conversation I was having with myself on Monday morning when I rolled out of bed and into my office – Ground Zero for one too many projects and the scene of what looked like the aftermath of Hurricane Claudia.

Disgusted with myself, I instinctively got a garbage bag from the laundry room and started to fill it. Old files, projects that just clearly aren't going to get done, old magazines. The whole lot of it.

And immediately a smile came across my face. FILL. That. was. it. Perfect!

Right then and there I decided, each day for the whole week, that I was going to fill something that would, in turn, empty something else. Something that was weighing heavy on my mind or dragging me down.

So, on Monday I filled the garbage bag.

Then on Tuesday I filled a bag with items stacked on the dresser in my closet, just waiting to go to the tailor.

On Wednesday I filled my boys Scrap Journals with tidbits of information I have been meaning to write in them for weeks. (And my dime jar with more dimes, thanks to Cheryl).

On Thursday I filled a planter in my house with new greenery, to replace the dried up wilted stuff that's been in their since July.

On Friday I filled a Target bag with items we've needed for months, but that I never make the time to stop and purchase: A new camera card, AA batteries, sponges that actually work, and new lotion.

On Saturday I switched things up a little bit and filled my house with guests, as 75+ employees and their families attended my husband's company party, and

on Sunday, I capped off the week by filling three bags with clothes from my closet that I no longer wear.

Aaaahhhhhh….. Fill never felt so good.

Onward and upward this week as I welcome in my new verb:


Play along by inviting the verb, START, into your week and letting it help you shine!

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 9/15/14 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Inspiration,Personal Development

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